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This site is dedicated to excess and spare stock from our main stock inventory profile. All parts shown are releasable through our IS0-9001:2008 system. All parts are fully batch traceable.

Parts shown with a stock level of 0, may still be available through kitting or new build, please enquire using the link to our main website.

To access our full stock profile and custom product designs, please forward an enquiry to our sales team - thank you.

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Part Number: LMH02A 08 04PN 101
Stock Code:   LMH02A0804PN101
Quantity in Stock: 0


Part Number: 39K1 F 16 08 1C CC L3
Stock Code:   39K1F16081CCCL3
Quantity in Stock: 0


Part Number: CA3106E 14S 09S B F42
Stock Code:   CA3106E14S09SBF42
Quantity in Stock: 0


Part Number: KMAH1 09 1 C S1 HE
Stock Code:   KMAH1091CS1HE
Quantity in Stock: 0


Part Number: DK104A053
Stock Code:   DK104A053
Quantity in Stock: 0